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1 a hasty eater who swallows large mouthfuls
2 male turkey [syn: turkey cock, tom, tom turkey]

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  1. A turkey.
  2. One who eats food very quickly, without decorum.


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Gobbler is a 1981 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, published by On-Line Systems (later to become Sierra Entertainment).


Gobbler is a direct clone of the popular Pac-Man arcade game, with gameplay closely paralleling that of the original. The player uses the arrow keys to move the character left and right, and the A and Z keys to move up or down. Each dot is worth 5 points, while pieces of fruit (cherries, an apple and a lime) are each worth 200. Consuming the white pellets makes the four ghosts vulnerable for a short time, during which they appear green and can be eaten (earning 200 points for the first, 400 for the second, etc.).

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Bantam, banty, barn-door fowl, barnyard fowl, biddy, billy, billy goat, boar, broiler, brooder, broody hen, bubbly-jock, buck, bull, bullock, capon, chanticleer, chick, chickabiddy, chicken, chicky, cock, cockerel, dog, domestic fowl, drake, duck, duckling, dunghill fowl, entire, entire horse, fowl, fryer, game fowl, gander, goose, gosling, guinea cock, guinea fowl, guinea hen, hart, he-goat, hen, hen turkey, partlet, peacock, poulard, poult, poultry, pullet, ram, roaster, rooster, setting hen, spring chicken, stag, stallion, steer, stewing chicken, stot, stud, studhorse, tom, tom turkey, tomcat, top cow, top horse, tup, turkey, turkey gobbler, turkey-cock, wether
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